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Learn how technology is enabling University strategic goals and outcomes through leadership, governance, and innovation. 


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Jeff Neyland, CIO, U. Texas at Arlington

We look forward to having Jeff in our studios to discuss one of the most unique strategic plans in Higher Education.

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Mike Gower, CFO, Rutgers University


Mike Gower is the CFO of one of America's largest and most respected universities. Tune in to hear how Mike leads the university, financially, into the future.

Bryon Kolbeck, CTO, LISD


Understanding our incoming students is critical to our success. Bryon shares how he is using technology to enable the K-12 teaching and learning experience.

Steve Matthews, President, SUNY RLHA


Steve joins us to share what's happening throughout SUNY's Housing system as he serves as President of SUNY RLHA

Mary LaGrange Assoc. Vice Chancellor U. Nebraska


Mary shares her version of the cross section of finance and technology in this episode.

Hon. Tom Davis, Chairman, George Mason University


Former Congressman Tom Davis, who currently serves as Rector of George Mason University's Board of Visitors joins us to share insights on how Trustees impact the student experience.

Jamar Orr, Dean of Students, Roosevelt University


Jamar Orr joins us to discuss how technology is impacting the student experience and how, as Dean of Students, he navigates privacy issues, the balance of technology adoption, and how to best optimize the student experience.

Dr. Makola Abdullah, President, Virginia State University


Dr. Abdullah joins us to share his vision for Virginia State University. He shares how he leads his university and leverages the right technology at the right time to drive strategic outcomes.

What is The Internet of Learning?

The Internet of Learning

Technology continues to exponentially influence the way in which we teach, learn, research and experience college life. All campus leaders must look to each other and their teams to ensure that their strategy, process and big ideas are stable through time and can use technology as a powerful flywheel pushing these goals into the future.

The Internet of Learning is a podcast designed to help educators understand best practices of technology. Like the Internet of Things, the Internet of Learning is a concept that systems of technology will improve student outcomes, the student experience, and all aspects of campus life!