Meet Our Host


Rajiv Shenoy, Chief Technology Officer, Apogee

As Apogee's CTO, I have had the privilege of traveling the nation visiting over 400 colleges and universities and studying nearly as many strategic and operational plans. I launched this podcast to help foster a conversation on how impactful technology is to furthering those goals, and to help other leaders avoid mistakes that could have negative consequences. This holds especially true as the modern student's expectation significantly exceeds that of their predecessors.

In 2009, I launched OrcaTV, which started as a student project at Johns Hopkins University. We grew the digital media platform for over 7 years when it was acquired by Apogee, Higher Education's largest telecom company. I now help shape Apogee's vision and strategy into the future and help consult with University CIOs, CFOs, Provosts and Presidents on creating strong technology plans to further their goals.

Personally, I am very passionate about education and serve on our local School District's Business Advisory Board and the local Public Library Board. I love basketball, am a life-long learner, and have the best family I could ask for.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!